Debt Collection - Possibilities for preventive action offered by iMX

Benefits of preventive dunning strategies:

Preventive dunning takes place several days before a payment falls due (due date of an invoice, rent, loan or credit card authorization).

It aims to anticipate payment incidents before the due date and allows you to:

  • Remind the client to deposit sufficient funds in their account before it is debited.
  • Identify possible disputes before the expected payment date.
  • Avoid any possible oversights when the expected payment is made.

Preventive dunning strategies which are fully customizable:

iMX is packed with great customization features, thanks to its advanced Scoring and segmentation tools, not to mention the option to adapt preventive dunning strategies to the situation at hand.

  • Scoring and segmentation allow you to:
    • Identify the cases requiring preventive dunning, depending on:
      • Your client’s creditworthiness
      • The characteristics of your receivables
      • Any past failures to make a payment when dealing with the client or in respect of the receivables.
    • Put into place preventive dunning only for the cases which require it. It may take place for a specific period of time or throughout the period of the contract.
  • The customization of dunning strategies allows you to:
    • Indicate when preventive dunning should take place (typically 3 to 15 days before the due date)
    • Adapt the method of communication:
      • SMS
      • Phone call
      • E-mail
      • Regular mail
    • Adapt the messages to the situation at hand.

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