Equipment finance / commercial lending

  • End-to-end asset management : from the specification (for complex assets, in particular) to the (re)sale
    • Managing complex assets with ancillary features or specific equipment, whereby you can choose to use a catalogue (or not)
    • Possibility of importing the asset catalogue via interface
    • Several suppliers for a single “final” asset
    • Managing asset batches / unbundling
    • Multi-currency: a provision currency, a financing currency, an invoicing currency, an accounting currency, etc.
    • Managing the supply/assembly period, which may prove to be (very) long
    • Managing discrepancies between what has been ordered and what has been delivered
    • Pre-financing
    • Complex financial conditions:
      • Multi-steps
      • Seasonality
      • A contract with many different financial conditions (rate, duration, etc.)
      • Residual Value (RV) calculation matrix
    • Syndication / pool : it is possible to have one or more financial partners
    • Asset profitability calculation
    • Management of shareholdings and grants

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