Purchase order financing

In the world of pre-shipment finance, iMX supports all possible products:

  • Inventory finance
  • Commodity finance
  • Pro-forma invoice financing,
  • Purchase order financing
  • Sales order credit coverage and financing
  • L/C financing

The strong points of iMX for these products are:

  • Electronic data files uploads with the iMX Extranet (web portal) flexible file mapping engine.
  • Real-time calculation of the fundable amount per transaction, costs, etc.
  • Possibility to have these collaterals as part of multi-collateral accounts/facilities.
  • Integration with credit insurers and the entire iMX risk management module.
  • Standalone products or linked together to follow the physical transformation and movements of the underlying assets (for more details, please consult the page “iMX for Supply Chain Finance”).
  • Possibility to handle these contracts with funding partners, as club deals/syndication.

It is worth highlighting here the importance of the iMX Analysis and Decision module for the operational and statistical reporting on PO financing activities, from pre-sales to aftercare.

For a deeper dive into iMX Commercial Finance capabilities, please download our iMX Commercial Finance brochure.

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