Auto finance

iMX is capable of managing various types of financing for motor vehicles and two-wheelers, ranging from closed-end loans to fleet management, and including closed-end leasing and long-term rental. This has been made possible from the moment the sale takes place (dealer / broker) until the funding period ends and, if applicable, the asset is resold.

Main features:

  • Point of sale(broker/agency)/Internet:
    • Multi-network / multi-channel
    • Multisimulation
    • Pricing :
      • Eligibility criteria
      • Authorizations
      • Insurance policies
      • Services
      • Packages
      • Residual value calculation matrix
    • Asset configuration / possibility of including an external “car configurator”
      Car configurators, also known as choice boards, design systems, toolkits, or co-design platforms, are responsible for guiding the user-custommer through the configuration - clarification needed process. Different variations are represented, visualized, assessed and priced which starts a learning-by-doing process for the user.
    • Rental / amortization schedule calculation
    • Real-time pre-scoring
    • Point-of-sale follow-up and management
    • Offers
    • Uploading supporting documents
    • Ensuring the uniqueness (non-duplication) of individuals
  • Acceptance
    • Flexible and customizable workflow thanks to the Expert System
    • Scoring
    • Limit management / multi-level limits
    • Client group management
    • Repurchase commitments (on the part of the supplier or another party involved)
    • Case analysis
    • Automatic or manual acceptance
    • Document receipt follow-up
  • Supplies / Supplier management
    • Purchase order creation and follow-up
    • Asset delivery follow-up
    • Registration of supplier invoices
    • Disbursement per group or unit / Payment deadline management
  • Management
    • Contract activation
    • Establishing the final amortization schedule
    • Broker / seller commissions
    • Billing instalments / rents
    • Grouping together invoices, especially for fleet management purposes
    • Issuing customized invoices
    • Receipt of payments / identification / matching
    • Consumption monitoring / measurement units
    • Share billing
    • Repayments for services
    • Debt collection: preventive / amicable / legal: detection of unpaid debts, reminders, debt rescheduling, etc.
    • Client account monitoring
    • Amendments:
      • Adding / deleting services / insurance policies
      • Renegotiation
      • Partial prepayments
    • Mass actions: amendments, termination, refunds, etc.
    • Claims related to assets or individuals (temporary and final)
    • Termination: at the due date , early termination, in the event of default
    • Automatic / manual extension
    • Asset recovery
    • Resale of the asset (to a third party)
    • Re-lease
  • Accounting
    • Recording of flows
    • Stock movement generation
    • Provisions
    • Book depreciation and tax depreciation of assets according to the legislation in force
    • Regulatory reporting
    • Profitability calculations
  • Customer self-service

    Thanks to iMX Extranet, customers can track the status of their cases on the Internet, make updates or submit update requests, conduct simulations, upload or download documents, etc.

Contact Information

+33(4)89 87 77 77
Immeuble Le Carat, 200 Rue du Vallon, Sophia-Antipolis,