Frequently Asked Questions about iMX

If you run a financial business and want to benefit from our unequalled all-in-one solution iMX, we encourage you to read through the following Product and Technical frequently asked questions. Browse through these FAQs to find the answers to commonly raised questions:

Frequently Asked Questions about iMX

iMX is developed by CODIX.

All the CODIX activities are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Furthermore, CODIX project management methodology is inherited from the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology and adjusted to the specific context of software package implementation.

CODIX’s technology is geared towards providing a completely stable and scalable business software package, and yet it offers our customers the maximum level of flexibility in the usage and customization of the system as well as full integration with their IT landscape.

There are different levels of customization according to the Client’s specific needs:

  • Setting up an Expert System unconstrained by the nature or the number of its management rules. During the customization phase, this default set is reviewed and amended to tailor the procedures to the Client governance, the local market practices, etc.
  • CODIX technologies enable the handling of any information both on involved parties and on case/account document levels. The large library of available screens helps meet most needs and can also be tailored to meet client’s specific requirements. Our reliable and stable technologies ensure scalability from thousands to several millions of cases within a fully secure management environment.
  • The standard data formats supplied by CODIX meet the requirements for data exchange between iMX and the rest of the information systems. The inter-connection with other systems (such as general accountancy systems, credit insurers EDIs, SWIFT/SEPA, etc.) is made via all possible protocols and methods. However, a tailor-made “data injector” may be needed as part of the iMX integration.
  • The iMX Plug & Play solution runs on a «Thin Client» model requiring only a web browser on the users’ workstations. All the tools the user needs are integrated in a unique user interface: text processing, fax, images, e-mail and telephony, SMS. The Plug & Play option comes with a set of standard activity reports which may be adjusted and additional ones may be added as part of the customization.

iMX Extranet offers a full portfolio management, but can also be used for buyer or any kind of third parties – collection agencies, lawyers, co-factors, etc.

The supplier does have an access to its portfolio and to relative aged balance in real time and does also have access to Excel reports available for downloading. Any existing reports could be configured as to be available for the customer download.

The Extranet portal provides various options for the user, such as document uploads, review of the portfolio with ageing details, creation of financing payment requests, on-line creation of new debtors, live chat with the intranet iMX application, data upload, review of client statements, declaration of disputes, access to the history of client/debtor cases. Through the self-care portal INTERNET DB debtors can proceed their obligations themselves. The available options and the look of the portal can be personalized via its administration tool.

iMX Extranet also offers a data file format mapping engine and its corresponding data file exchange capability, very convenient to provide different file format to different customers and maintain all that independently of CODIX.

For Web access, so for not dedicated users through Extranet module, any major browser is supported: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. The client access takes place via web application (Extranet portal) via username and password or can be integrated using SSO to the existing bank portal.

Yes, iMX offers mobile application access to the pages that make sense to be accessed via mobile app, via responsive design and dedicated small device pages. Its purpose is to enable users to access their tasks, agenda and messages while on the road, capture status/payment updates and upload pictures. It also allows Clients to check their account summary (especially availability) and request funding.

There is a constant enrichment of iMX features set, making any enhancement immediately available for our Clients – the realization cycle is 2-3 months and a long-term roadmap on features is applicable only exceptionally.

Like any previous version, the new iMX V9 Version is the result of several years of improvements of the iMX solution, with up to date technical components. For Version 9 CODIX decided to give a specific focus on User experience, by completely changing the business presentation layer components, now based on Spring and Angular technologies.

CODIX has leveraged the additional UI/UX capabilities brought by the new technical stake to improve the navigation and the user experience and applied a balanced approach between exposing users to the smallest possible disturbance and modernizing the front-end, embedding more UX/UI tools commonly used on the web nowadays, and yet still applicable to a business software application.

iMX is natively multi-lingual on the same instance and delivered with its translation tool which the Client can use to customize the provided translation. So, any application label can be modified in any language by the CODIX’s clients.

Adding an additional language takes between 1 and 2 months depending on the language, this being done on CODIX charge. Any label in any language can be maintained/modified by the CODIX' client directly through the translation tool delivered with iMX, overwriting so the CODIX standard translation. Languages could differ per Business Unit, internal user, external user and communication channels (letters, mails, etc.), any communication being generated in the language of the recepient.

iMX is a multi-currency solution. All events/transactions are stored in 4 currencies in the system: the event currency, the related case/account currency, if collection handled for external entities/creditors – the Client invoicing currency (invoicing of the collection services provided), and the company currency (for accountancy, and global reporting).

Furthermore, specific tables are used to store all the currency exchange rates/late interest rates. This information can be updated automatically (thanks to an interface) or manually, the rate used being stored on event level.

iMX is multi-user business-unit system, supporting internal and external users. The users of the internal application, as well as the external one, are attached to pre-defined groups. By user, either directly or via profiles, it is defined if the user can access any transaction in “read” or “read/write” mode.

There can be unlimited number of them – by Buyer or Supplier, by type of product, by contract, etc. Upon activation of the users they inherit the rights of the pre-defined group, which could always be amended.

CODIX offers various support options, ranging from the regular Client business hours to 24/7 coverage.

Yes. The Business and Training Department is the largest unit in CODIX. The trainings and documentations are part of CODIX’s support model and product lifecycle. Besides, online help is available for all iMX modules.

CODIX doesn't manage directly customer Data.

However, CODIX provides all the tools and functionalities in order to help and support our client Data Officer.

All 3 GDPR pilars are respected:

1. Security of personal data:

  • Access of personal data under authorization by transaction and defined by profile of users.
  • Data masking (a data is replaced by ‘*****’) on a list of particular data and setting to authorize or not a user to see ‘real’ data or ‘****’

2. Right to forget:

  • After product management ends, automatic processing for archiving, by batch – after a defined period – and anonymization of all personal data of a client: depersonalization.
  • On demand (during penal cases, after identity theft, client can ask that his personal data are suppressed from the system: on demand depersonalization on dedicated processes)

3. Exchange flows with personal data:

  • Secure electronically exchange flow of information (interfaces) which contain personal data.
  • Access right on client demand:
    List of personal data present in iMX is accessible on demand at any moment.
    List of personal data management during a period accessible on demand at any moment: any reminder, information, modification of personal data, scoring calculation base on personal data is considered as personal data management. There is a possibility to mark a prospect in order to exclude him from electronic communication (on demand).

Encryption is optional and can be managed through Oracle TDE functionality.

iMX can be hosted on premises by our Clients, on via any external hosting provider.

When CODIX is in charge of the hosting, CODIX hosts in Oracle Cloud. Oracle Cloud and CODIX’s processes for support and maintenance do provide all necessary guarantees for the compliance to GDPR rules.

System provides the following back-up methods:

  • Daily back-up
  • Back-up at any time
  • Full back-up
  • Incremental back-up.

As UNIX servers are used, along with Oracle products, any back-up tool compatible can be used, usually for off-site backup.

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