Leasing Software Solutions

Leasing software covers the division of retail banking that deals with lending money to consumers. iMX provides a complete functional coverage of the full lifecycle of the leasing products, assets and services related to:

  1. Auto finance
  2. Equipment finance
  3. Consumer finance
iMX Leasing is actually part of iMX Commercial Finance. It can then be used either independently or as part of the commercial finance products suite in iMX.

  • Automatic and manual loading of assets, services and insurance catalogues
  • Extensive supply/procurement management, including purchase orders, pre-financing, deliveries follow-up and supplier payments
  • Contract implementation including multi-asset features
  • Changes to contracts and services
  • Full asset management from supply to sale including lease and off-lease periods
  • Syndicated contracts, with one or more funding partners
  • And much more…

Prospecting (scoring, contract templates...)
Risk management/Credit decision
Contractualization and Supply management
Client accounts management/after-sales operations
Pre-collection, early, late and legal collection
Claims: asset damage/death/unemployment & disability
Early termination/normal expiry (with or without purchase)
Re-lease/asset sales

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