Software solution for leasing, lending and consumer finance

iMX is a flexible and configurable software for lenders and lessors. iMX provides a complete functional coverage of the full lifecycle of the leasing, lending and consumer finance products, assets and services related to:

iMX Leasing Software can be used either independently or as part of the commercial finance products suite in iMX.

How the imx software manages THE OPERATING LEASEleasing and lending products

Full lifecycle of the leasing & lending process

  • Referential and product catalogue module: this includes Business Unit setting, type of finance, type of contract, pricing templates, services, insurance catalogue, asset catalogue, buyback formulas, etc., and pay per use service configurations.
  • Front оffice
    • Dealer and supplier portal
    • Sales portal
    • Customer portal, with self-service portal
  • Middle оffice
    • Underwriting with configurable workflows and decision engine
    • Product and amortization configurator
    • Credit line management
    • Contract configurator/ check list/ Contract signature and document checklist, integrated with electronic signature services
    • Extensive supply/procurement management, including purchase orders, pre-financing, deliveries follow-up and supplier payments
    • Funding management
  • Back office
  • Contract management
  • After sales amendments/ end of contracts/ claims
  • End of contracts
  • Early/late collection module
  • Full asset management from supply to sale including lease and off-lease periods,
    • Consumption-based invoicing, maintenance management
    • Multi- type of assets including tangible and intangible assets, asset valuations, asset remarketing, tax and accounting depreciation, mortgage setting
    • Third party management and third party accounts management
    • Risk Management, including provisioning
    • Compliance management
    • Invoicing, incoming and outgoing payments
    • Accounting module, general ledgers, depreciations
  • Shared Services
    • Cloud dedicated hosting Services
    • Administration and Security
    • Document manager
    • REST API’s
    • Interfaces
    • Integrated Telephony
  • BPM, Expert System
    • Workflow Engine
    • Rules Engine
    • Events management

Leasing Software Scope

  • Prospecting (scoring, contract templates...)
    • Prospect is a person who has signs of interest in buying and have the desire and the capabilities to purchase.
  • Risk management/Credit decision
    • The process of identifying risks to an investment and evaluating the risk of loss versus the cost of insurance, and minimizing the possibility of loss through well-planned and regularly followed systems and procedures.
  • Contractualization and Supply/supplier management, disbursement, activation
    • This part is managing the contract signature, purchase order, supplier invoice and supplying, disbursement/supplier payment, advances and activation.
  • Invoicing
    • Issuing of the itemized commercial document
    • Application of European and international VAT and sales taxes rules
    • Management of the payments of the invoices, via direct debit or any other form of payment
    • Several level of aggregation possible (contract, client account, financing request/account)
    • Analysis of the billing statistics through the iMX AD reports
  • Client accounts management/after-sales operations
    • After sales service refers to various processes which make sure customers are satisfied with the products and services of the organization. Including financial and non-financial adjustments, address and bank account modification, extension, postponements, add remove services, insurances, contract transfer to another lessee, etc.
  • Pre-collection, early, late and legal collection
    • iMX comes with all business procedures which are necessary for debt collection in Late/Legal. The rules included in these procedures allow you to transcribe the activity and are composed of a chain of tasks and actions, with processing time limits.
  • Claims: asset damage/death/unemployment & disability
    • An insurance claim is a formal request to an insurance company asking for a payment based on the terms of the insurance policy. The insurance company reviews the claim for its validity and then pays out to the insured or requesting party (on behalf of the insured) once approved.
  • Early termination/normal expiry (with or without purchase)
  • Re-lease/asset sales

For a deeper dive into iMX Leasing software capabilities please download our iMX Leasing software functionalities brochure and don't hesitate to Request a Demo and learn how the iMX Lease management solution can improve your business.

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