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Commercial Finance, Supply chain Finance, Consumer Finance and Debt collection system and solutions

CODIX is the software company that developed iMX, a unique software solution providing businesses with an event-driven system for the management of activities such as Factoring, Commercial, SCF, Trade and Corporate Finance, Debt Collection and Legal, Accounts Receivable, Consumer Finance, Leasing, Credit Insurance, etc.

iMX is an innovative software solution which enables our clients to manage all business processes within a single technical structure which can easily be customised to meet their specific needs.

Learn more about iMX and its functionalities from Line of Business section.

iMX software

Feel the power of CODIX, based on many years’ worth of experience, at the click of a mouse: iMX. Experience the capabilities with the latest version.


iMX is available in 25 languages; let iMX speak to you.


Feel the support of our organization which can help you achieve your company goals. Over 550 highly qualified developers, database engineers and business analysts are ready to cater to your requirements.


iMX offers customisable pieces for your puzzle, which help you fulfil your organisational needs. Manage all business processes within a single technical structure specifically tailored to you.


iMX comes with hands-on support provided on a 24/7 basis with contractual SLAs. Trust iMX and trust us.s


With vast experience in the finance industry as a market leader, we have delivered over 100 projects, thus enabling all our clients to reach new heights.

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