About iMX

iMX is the result of many years of research and development at the heart of the first European technopolis: Sophia Antipolis, on the French Riviera, near Nice. iMX is an innovative solution which handles - within its unique technical environment - 100% of the industry-standard functions of various service businesses as well as the particular requirements of each Client.

iMX Commercial finance and collection software

iMX - Commercial finance and collection software

  • iMX is the most effective system for the management of all kinds of businesses: Contracts, Accounts Receivable, Financing, Factoring, Credit Insurance, Credit, Credit Leasing, Collection, Legal, Claims, Litigation, etc.
  • iMX is a software solution which includes many business features and is completely tailored to the requirements of each Client.
  • iMX is a team of experts in your industry who are ready to suggest and implement the right professional solutions for you.
  • iMX integrates concepts (Total Events Management, Workflow) and tools (EDM, Groupware, Intranet, Telephony, Fax, E-mail, Fax) in a global approach. The integrated provision of these modules make iMX the most complete solution on the market with negligible integration costs.
  • iMX runs on a « Thin Client » model : Intranet/Extranet/Internet.
  • iMX provides multi-currency and multi-lingual support in both production and management (dynamically on the same server).
  • iMX offers all users in service industries unrivalled openness and versatility.
  • iMX also provides support from a top-level multi-disciplinary team, highly experienced and offering efficient and tailor-made support through remote maintenance. In addition, CODIX has been certified ISO 9001:2015.

iMX Debt collection

Multilingual and multi-currency event-based software, iMX Collection offers a complete solution for the management of a Collection/Legal Department or of a company providing services in the same field.

iMX Commercial finance

iMX allows handling of all the data and management rules for the Factoring, ABL, ID, SCF, Reverse and Credit Insurance businesses.

iMX Leasing software

iMX provides a complete functional coverage of the full lifecycle of the leasing products, assets andservices related to Equipment Leasing, Car Leasing, Full Service Leasing and Real Estate Leasing.

iMX software modules

iMX offers customizable pieces for your puzzle that help you meet your organizational needs. Manage all business processes within a single technical structure specifically tailored to you. CODIX operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

The iMX software consists of 3 core modules:

  • iMX Internal Access for back office operations (internal operations users)
  • iMX External Access: self-care web portal for your customers, debtors and business partners
  • iMX Analysis and Decision (Business Intelligence/reporting tool)
Certified Quality Management System ISO Stamp

Continuous investment in our iMX solution

The iMX functional coverage is constantly enhanced by our Business Experts in order to anticipate the market needs and the features our Clients will need tomorrow. Launching a new offer/product in a timely manner is one of the competitive advantages iMX provides to our Clients. This is made possible through the highly adaptive parameterization capabilities of iMX as well as the unique ad-hoc (per Client) release strategy offered by CODIX. iMX is used today in 50 countries and that number keeps increasing thanks to our global Clients. An important aspect of CODIX's product strategy is to integrate as a standard iMX feature any change necessary to take into account:

  • any local regulation in any country where iMX is used
  • any practices best adapted to a local market

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