CODIX’s technology is geared towards offering our customers a powerful and scalable business software package, with the maximum level of flexibility in the operations support and in the customization of the system as well as a full integration with their IT landscape.
  • Dynamic redefinition of data structures by activity (debt collection, commercial finance, credit insurance) and/or customer. Irrespective of the nature of the data to be processed or its evolution, CODIX technologies allow for the systematic follow-up of the customer’s needs and ensure their smooth evolution.
  • All data and business objects stored in the database can be used in the rules of CODIX's Expert System. The Expert System is a smart-rules processing engine which automates the allocation of cases to users, the execution of business processes and workflows, complex calculation formulas and the text generation process.
  • Every event entering the system (after keyboard input or as a result of interfacing with another system) is handled in real time by the Expert System. The Expert System meets users’ expectations by automating repetitive tasks while enabling users to focus their efforts on more demanding cases requiring strong professional skills. Operations Managers will notice the increased productivity and service quality resulting from the implementation of CODIX technologies.
  • Reliable and stable technologies: UNIX (AIX, HP/UX, SUN SOLARIS) or Linux (RedHat, Suse, Oracle Linux) operating systems and the Oracle Database ensure scalability from thousands to several millions of cases within a fully secure management environment.
  • Integration: All the tools a user needs are integrated in a unique user interface - text processing, fax, imagery module, e-mail and telephony, SMS messaging.
  • A WEB architecture: on their workstation, the user - be it an Internet or Extranet one, uses:
  • Web Technology Components (Spring MVC, Angular)
  • With Java ‘applets’: Java text editor (CODIX), display tool for case integrated images (CODIX)
  • High-level support based on remote maintenance.

Software modules

The iMX software consists of a core module and several optional modules. All the tools a company uses for communication with its customers and partners are available: mail, fax, telephony, SMS. Our watchword: total integration of all functionalities.


Each system is customized to each Client’s specific needs. There are 5 customization levels:

  • Setting up an Expert System unconstrained by the nature or number of its management rules - for case management, calculation, or case allocation as well as for the "texts" issued by the system (letters, e-mails, faxes). Customization is achieved either by supplying a "Sample" Expert System meeting some of the Client’s specific needs, or through the wholesale tailoring of the Expert System.
  • CODIX technologies enable the handling of any information both at the level of the parties involved and at the level of case documents. The large forms library available provides answers to most needs but can also be tailored to meet Clients’ specific requirements.
  • In many instances, the standard data formats supplied by CODIX meet the requirements for data exchange between iMX and the rest of the information system, such as the accounting system. However, a tailor-made "data injector" may be needed as part of the iMX integration.
  • The iMX Plug&Play solution comes with standard activity reports. These may be adjusted and additional ones added as part of the customization.
  • The look and feel of the web-based front-end (iMX Extranet) is aligned with the client’s graphical scheme.

A well-tried and tested setup procedure ensures the success of every CODIX project.

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