Consumer Finance

iMX is capable of providing out of box full e2e easy and configurable system for consumer finance, fully covering all of the aspects from prospection (LEAD and X-SELL Campaigns) - through origination, deep underwriting, automated generation of offer to customer (including positive/negative alternatives), generation of contract, signing process and contract competition process - to disbursement and collection processes.

  • Distribution channels: directly through the internet/brokers/agencies
  • White labelling
  • Comparative simulations for one and the same project
  • Risk analysis/setting limits
  • Proposals
  • Managing broker commissions (up to and including sellers)
  • The disbursement beneficiary may be the client or any other party involved in the case
  • Multiple disbursements
  • Budget management with a period for releasing funds prior to the creation of a final amortization table based on actually paid amounts
  • Interim interest
  • Managing private label cards (immediate debit, deferred debit or credit)
  • Managing “special transactions”
  • After-sales operations (with or without fees)
    • Adding/deleting/changing insurance policies
    • Partial prepayments

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