Late/Legal phase of debt collection in iMX

iMX comes with all business procedures which are necessary for debt collection in Late/Legal. The rules included in these procedures allow you to transcribe the activity and are composed of a chain of tasks and actions, with processing time limits.

iMX ensures the constant evolution of your debt collection cases and the follow-up on all phases of the debt collection process.

Customize the debt collection process

iMX is equipped with tools which allow you to optimize your approach to debt collection in Late/Legal. Thanks to features such as Scoring, Segmentation and the parameterization of debt collection strategies, it is possible to fully parameterize your approach to debt collection.

Reaching an amicable settlement at the Late/Legal phase

iMX is equipped with business procedures which allow you to negotiate payment plans and put into place automatic monitoring to make sure they are properly applied. It is possible to fully parameterize dunning time frames as well as the type of dunning (SMS, E-MAIL, phone or regular mail).

This negotiation phase may be parameterized prior to the legal proceedings, or in parallel.

Secure your receivables

Depending on the product and the elements present in the case, iMX can launch procedures in order to guarantee the receivables, such as attachment orders or mortgages ordered by court.

There are also procedures which allow you to follow-up on the renewal of registrations in order not to lose the benefit of the guarantees securing the receivables.

Receivables outsourcing

After the internal management phase, before or in parallel with the transfer of the title, it is also possible to entrust the management of the receivables to external service providers. To this end, iMX allows you to:

  • Automatically designate the competent service provider depending on the territorial jurisdiction, the type of the receivables or the tasks which should be delegated;
  • Monitor and guide the service provider so as to ensure the good progress and completion of the tasks which have been delegated to it;
  • Monitor and pay the fees charged by the service provider for the services rendered.

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