Commercial Finance - iMX supports any flavor of receivables financing (Factoring software) and supplier financing:

  • Factoring system
  • Invoice discounting
  • Shadow ledger/self-allocation factoring
  • Bulk financing, e.g. financing of borrowing base certificates grouping receivables either at buyer level or portfolio level
  • Disclosed or undisclosed deals

For these products, iMX covers the whole product lifecycle:

  • Full pre-sales (prospection) processes embedded in iMX, and supported via iMX Extranet (web portal for Clients).
  • As stand-alone products or as part of a multi-collateral facility (same client account or in different client accounts under the same contract).
  • Extensive capabilities for KYC on Clients (suppliers) and on buyers, including links to external data providers such as Dun&Bradstreet, Equifax, etc.
  • Advanced risk management thanks to the iMX scoring module and integration with all major credit insurers’ (Atradius, Euler Hermes, Coface) synchronous and asynchronous message systems. Over 50 different types and levels of limits.
  • Very granular receivables controls and filtering upon integration of the new receivables.
  • Granularity and Invoice sampling criteria controlled at contract level.
  • White labeling in all areas of the system.
  • Real-time availability calculation (also applicable to clients in Extranet).
  • Over 45 predefined interest, cost and fee items (and flexibility to create new ones).
  • The most complete set of dunning tools available in any factoring system.
  • Club deals/syndication: Waterfall or proportional, as an agent/leader or as a member.
  • Fully automated end-of-day and end-of-month processes.

The iMX web portal (iMX Extranet) for Clients, bank branch users and business partners (such as funding partners in club deals or Fintechs) plays an essential role in the success and efficiency of receivables financing. The web pages are tuned (data displayed, color diagrams, etc…) to help Clients make the appropriate decisions. And this is pushed further in the iMX Commercial Finance Mobile App. And of course, the whole power of the iMX rich features set is available for receivables financing activities: We shall also highlight here the importance of the iMX Analysis and Decision module for the operational and statistical reporting on the receivables finance activities, from pre-sales to dunning.

To learn more about Receivables Financing, Factoring system (finance) and see how iMX handles with them, please download our iMX Commercial Finance brochure, Accounts Receivable Financing brochure, iMX Analysis & Decision Factoring system brochure and take a deeper dive into iMX Commercial Finance capabilities.

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