TXF Trade, Fintech & Treasury London


CODIX was a Corporate Sponsor of TXF Trade, FinТech and Treasury Conference, June 7 – 8, 2016. The event took place in London, the FinTech capital of Europe, home to some of the leading innovations in the trade space that are making it easier, cheaper and quicker for corporates to manage money.

With innovations in financial technology moving at the speed of light, TXF Trade, FinTech & Treasury aims at debating the industry’s key questions in a creative, innovative and corporate-driven way. This conference seeks to offer to the delegates time-travel through the trade and supply chain finance wormhole, exploring new worlds in treasury management and new horizons in financial technology.

On the first day of conference CODIX participated in a panel discussion: “Traditional trade, financial technology and global supply chains: А pragmatic view of the market”. In the new regulatory and technological normal, which has brought with it rising costs of compliance and increased competition, banks have had to adjust their business models. For the new players there are key questions they must contend with: to what extent can they fully meet the needs of corporate clients, and is the technology infrastructure ready to accommodate the rush to digitization we are witnessing? To what extent is the framework there to support the widespread of the SCF adoption was among the discussed topics as well. This session provided a pragmatic look at the state of the market and the collaboration between different players and the opportunities in the evolving landscape.

The agenda of the international event covered the latest industry insights on:

  • Today’s reality and Tomorrow potential: FinTech transformation of trade.
  • Data-driven decision-making.
  • How cloud-based and integrated treasury wins the day?
  • Traditional trade, financial technology and global supply chains.
  • Corporate strategies for efficient management of risk.
  • How is Supply Chain Finance evolving today?
  • The next working capital frontier – fusion of physical and financial supply chains.

The conference was attended by a broad range of delegates across the sector from traders, banks, lawyers, insurers, research analysts and other key players in the Supply Chain Finance industry.

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