Sibos Toronto – Building for the Future

Codix at Sibos Toronto

Sibos 2017 Toronto held the title of “Building for the Future” and rightfully so.

For more than 40 years Sibos has become the platform that brings together financial leaders with the sole purpose of creating networks, collaborations and finding ways of adapting to an industry that is continuously changing.

CODIX being one of them as a software solution provider with branches in France, USA, Bulgaria, Mexico, Tunisia, Mexico, Spain & Vietnam was one of the Exhibitors. With its products to show:

  • iMX Commercial Finance Software - Complete Software Solution that covers all of the commercial finance products.
  • iMX Debt Collection - Complete Software Solution that covers all of the operations of corporate, consumer and legal collection of banks and collection agencies.

In Toronto the conference turned its focus to the industry’s most burning issues, one of which being cyber security. Including an in-depth panel sessions, with numerous debates and countless speakers from a variety of backgrounds the conference provided professionals with a massive amount of insight in the fields of AI future implementation and groundbreaking technologies that are shaping the financial world.

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