7th EU Factoring Summit


CODIX is a Gold Sponsor of the 7th EU Factoring Summit taking place on 4-5 April in Rome, Italy. This year’s joint initiative of FCI and EUF (EU Federation for Factoring and Commercial Finance) will be available for both onsite and online participants and is a unique opportunity for industry leaders to network and address topics that really matter for the factoring sector.

The agenda will address the latest updates, promoting the impact of the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry which supports the real economy and employment in Europe, incl.:

  • Update on the most recent evolutions on the European Factoring scene, both in terms of figures as in terms of products offered
  • Default Regulations: What are the implications and actions?
  • What is the factoring industry like in Italy?
  • What roused the factoring industry in 2021? (Report from EUF Technical Committees)
  • What are the consequences of the late payment directive?
  • What are some key take-away for the updated Legal Study?
  • Where are going the Fintech Developments and Technology?
  • What is the digital finance agenda of the EU Commission?

CODIX’s complete and global commercial finance software iMX will be presented the first day of the conference, 4 April, 17.30-17.40.

This seventh summit will be attended by senior managers, CEOs of Industry players, researchers and professionals with an interest in the finance of business in Europe, Supply Chain Finance companies, IT providers, and anyone who needs to be up to date with the latest trends and developments in the European Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry.

The two organizations FCI and EUF represent over 98% of all European market players.

FCI is the Global Representative Body for Factoring and Financing of Open Account Domestic and International Trade Receivables.

The EUF is the Representative Body for the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry in the EU. It comprises National and International Industry Associations that are active in the EU.

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