Supply Chain Finance Summit 2023


CODIX is a Brand Sponsor of the upcoming 9th Supply Chain Finance Summit hosted by BCR in cooperation with FCI and the Spanish Factoring Association (AEF). The international event which will take place in Madrid on 24-25 of January will explore how banks and financial service providers can accelerate their supply chain finance (SCF) initiatives to deliver lasting and sustainable sector expansion.

The conference will bring together industry leaders from across the world for insightful discussions on how SCF providers can transform and position themselves at the head of the market. Among the main topics to be discussed by the participants is the ongoing digitisation of the financial sector.

Daniel Bielsa, Head of CODIX Spain and Latin America, will make a presentation on: “How specialised software can boost SCF operations efficiency”. Agenda highlights for SCFS23 also include:

  • Corporate treasurers’ view on managing an SCF programme in 2023 and beyond
  • The challenges of creating buyer-led financing programmes properly structured around ESG objectives
  • FCIreverse as a successful business case to develop SCF in developing markets
  • SCF digitisation for FINAMCO (Columbia)
  • Challenges and opportunities for SCF initiatives in emerging markets
  • Delivering a sustainable and transparent next level of financing with deep tier financing
  • Accounting standards position update for SCF

Data show that growth in supply chain finance has been ongoing for more than a decade now, with the pace accelerating in the past two years. With ESG, digitisation and new technologies, the industry has already started a new stage of development. These changes will help reduce the $1.7 trillion trade finance gap that currently exists. In the coming years, SCF will be a priority not only for major global banks, but also for those in emerging markets.

Join us at the 9th Supply Chain Finance Summit and learn more about the challenges of creating resilient, sustainable and harmonised payables finance solutions, which form the basis of the future of supply chain financing.

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