Regional Networking E-vent For Americas


CODIX is a Sponsor of four virtual Regional Networking E-vents organised by FCI in the first half of 2021. The last event is aimed at highlighting American members and is scheduled from Tuesday, 20 April, 11:00, to Wednesday, 21 April, 13:00 (EST). CODIX’s representative on the virtual forum will be Billy Quinn, CODIX USA General Manager.

The agenda of the Regional Networking E-vent for Americas includes a plenum session on America to present the latest developments and some highlights as well as a panel discussion. This will give an opportunity for members around the world to listen in on what’s actually happening on the ground in the factoring industry in the highlighted region. Afterwards there will be two half-day sessions held through FCI’s new specialized online platform, whereby members globally can organize short bilateral meetings with correspondent members located in the highlighted region.

This fourth event of the series is expected to be attended by chief executives, business and technology professionals, as well as by leading experts in the factoring industry who will discuss business opportunities, investigate new services and procedures, learn best practices, all in order to ultimately generate future new business.

The main topics covered by the agenda are:

  • What happened in 2020 and an economic outlook for the Americas in 2021?
  • Overview of the region
  • What are the latest IT Developments in the Factoring Industry?

*FCI was set up as an umbrella organization for independent factoring companies around the world. Today it has grown into the world’s representative factoring network and association with close to 400 members in 90 countries. Its aim is to introduce factoring in countries where it is not yet available and to develop a framework for international factoring.

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