Leasing Life - Virtual Conference & Awards 2020


CODIX is a Gold Sponsor of the upcoming Leasing Life Conference & Awards which this year is going virtual on 19 Nov 2020. Amina Chakchouk, COO Leasing at CODIX, will present the all-in-one business solution iMX Leasing which provides a complete functional coverage of the full lifecycle of the leasing products, assets and services related to: Auto Finance; Equipment Finance; Consumer Finance. The software is currently used in 28 languages by more than 50000 users in 50+ countries.

The 16th Leasing Life Conference and Awards will bring together key decision makers from asset finance, leasing and banks with technology suppliers and law firms to discover best in practice lending strategies, the latest disruptive technology reforming the sector and the innovations offering new opportunities for lenders.

As banks across Europe wrestle with the challenge of deep digitisation of their businesses, two additional forces are gradually re-shaping leasing and asset finance across the region. The growing importance of responsibility for asset lifecycles, combined with the asset-light, service-led model pioneered by the sharing economy, have the potential to re-define the conventional role and perceptions of leasing.

Thriving in a digital age has never been more important. That is why this year’s Leasing Life Conference will explore how Europe’s leasing industry is responding to the value chain opportunity, the role of technology in this pinnacle transformation, strategy-driven innovation and much more.

The agenda of the virtual event covers cutting-edge presentations from 20+ industry speakers and panel discussions with experts from around the world in virtual networking rooms on the following topics:

  • New Market Trends and Opportunities
  • The future of the asset finance and leasing markets: strategies and strengths for sustainable growth after COVID-19
  • Partnering for a Better World in the Face of a Pandemic
  • Exploring Market Demands to Determine Future Opportunities within a Digitalised Industry
  • Why and how can leasing contribute to a sustainable growth?
  • Discussing the Leap into the Digital in Order to Ensure Survival and Competition with International Markets
  • Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on People, Processes and Technology
  • Leveraging Technology in Response to COVID-19
  • Exploring New Product Innovation in Order to Optimise New Customer Need
  • And many more.

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