Leasing Life Conference & Awards 2018

CODIX at the 14th Leasing Life Conference & Awards 2018

CODIX attended the 14th edition of the Leasing Life Conference & Awards – the Leasing Life Conference & Awards 2018. The event took place on Thursday, 15 November 2018, in Tallinn, Estonia and the venue was the Hilton Tallinn Park, Tallinn. The company was represented by Mourad Bergaoui and Paul De Gerlache.

Paul De Gerlache is Business Expert at CODIX.

Mourad Bergaoui - the Project Director at CODIX, was speaker at the conference and presented a revolutionary view about the future of the financial software solutions industry and CODIX’s view about the future of iMX – the financial software solution of the company. Mourad Bergaoui hosted two sessions – at 14:40h and at 15:00h. The agenda was the following:

14:40-15:00 New technologies applied to leasing software solutions

  • iMX the complete automated solution for commercial and consumer finance
  • How a modern leasing software will look like in the next 5-10 years?
  • How new technologies will impact the lessee journey and leasing contracts lifecycle
  • How lessor’s users will be impacted by modern technology? Human vs machine?

15:00-15:30 SPEAKER Q&A and PANEL DISCUSSION: Accelerating digital transformation and using data and analytics to drive performance and deliver value

  • Understanding digitalisation, in particular the value of a data-first strategy
  • How to prioritise business needs versus other needs (regulatory) for data management activities? How to measure value/ROE of data projects?
  • How to accelerate digital transformation? How to overcome the barriers?
  • Customers come first: Thinking about customer needs, not product sales

Mourad has been working for Codix since 2009 as Project Director, managing several commercial finance projects mainly for Tunisie Factoring, Eurofactor Germany, ABC Leasing and Belfius as well as an insurance/collection project.

He is working 17 years on commercial and consumer finance software solutions as business expert and project director with some of the biggest financing companies in Europe and North Africa.

Before that he worked for Linedata Services for 9 years around the credit and leasing software called EKIP, first as a business expert and then as head of the business experts department working for SOFINCO, ING LEASE, KBC LEASE, ATTIJARI WAFASALAF, BNP Personal finance, Credit Agricole leasing and many others.

You can find more information about the event and Mourad’s speech at the Leasing Life Conference & Awards 2018 on our Facebook page.

The Leasing Life Conference and Awards is the leading asset finance event of the year. The conference provides the ideal setting for the industry leaders and influencers to discuss the industry progress in the digital world; to consider the macroeconomic trends driving its strategic role across Europe and to prepare for future challenges affecting its particular place in the financial world. For its 14th edition, the Leasing Life Conference and Awards 2018 moved to Tallinn, Estonia and brought together asset finance professionals and industry disruptors in an active discussion of the key issues facing the leasing industry.

This year’s topic of the Leasing Life Conference was how Europe’s leasing industry is responding to the value chain opportunity – the operational, and strategic, implications of the paradigm shift, and the role that technology must play in transforming the industry so that it thrives in the digital age.

The event was an excellent opportunity to share ideas, discover trends and network with peers, while accessing insight to exclusive research and case studies delivered by the industry’s thought leaders.

The annual Leasing Life Conference and Awards gathered decision-makers and specialists from a variety of key sectors including:

  • Asset Finance and Leasing Companies
  • Technology Providers
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Law firms
  • Consultants and Advisers
  • Financial Services Providers
  • Insurance Groups

The conference was aimed at:

  • CEOs, CFOs, CIOs
  • Chief Sales Officers
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Credit Officers
  • Managing Directors/Project Directors
  • Heads/Managers of Capital Markets
  • Heads of Asset Finance
  • Heads of Operations
  • Heads of Commercial Finance and Leasing
  • Heads of International Strategy
  • Heads of Financial Services
  • Heads of Consumer Finance
  • Heads of Marketing/Sales
  • Relationship Managers
  • Business Development Manager
  • Heads of Lease & Loan Insurance Services
  • Researchers and Analysts

CODIX, represented by Mourad Bergaoui and Paul De Gerlache, took part in this valuable conference, as for us it is essential to be on top of the industry trends, topics, issues and innovations.

CODIX’s financial software – iMX, is leading solution for leasing and related financial and business services.

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