Leasing Life Conference & Awards 2017

Codix at Leasing Life 2017

November 2017 held the Leasing Life Conference in Amsterdam.

Codix, being one of the leading providers of leasing software and leasing systems, was the event’s Brand sponsor and became a part of a conference that provides an opportune setting for all professionals in the fields of Leasing to gather at one place and be able to discuss how said industry will grow and develop in a world that is becoming more and more digital.

Experts were able to further explore the macroeconomic trends that are the driving force behind the preparations for future challenges which might influence its role in the financial sphere that includes Auto-finance, Equipment Finance, Consumer Finance and more.

In Amsterdam asset finance leaders had the marvelous opportunity to be a part of a very active discussion centered on the main issues in the leasing industry and the different ways how to meet the evolving digital world with the best leasing software solution.

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