56th Annual Felaban Assembly


CODIX will participate in the 56th Annual FELABAN Assembly which will be held in Guatemala City from 12th to 15th November 2022. The main objective of the international event is to promote and facilitate the direct contact, collaboration and relationships between financial and banking entities in Latin America. The forum brings together all the leading financial companies in the region with the aim of contributing to the development of business and technology initiatives for this sector.

FELABAN which usually is attended by national and international banking delegates, is a platform for contacts with financial leaders from 54 countries in Latin America, more than 600 owners, directors and co-directors of banking organizations, which make up more than 1,500 businessmen contributing to Latin America's development. FELABAN helps strengthen the role of banking in the region by organizing an annual conference to exchange ideas, concerns and best practice solutions.

The networking event is an excellent opportunity for the participants to share their business needs and, at the same time, to discuss the most current issues in the economic and financial field, incl. the growing need for digitalization of the financial sector. As a leading software provider, CODIX’s all-in-one software iMX will be presented as a universal solution for any kind of commercial finance activity by Daniel Bielsa, Head of CODIX Spain and Latin America.

* The Latin American Bank Federation, FELABAN, is a non-profit institution, established in 1965 in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. The association covers more than 623 banks and financial entities in Latin America.

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