The FCI Two-factor scheme: The secured framework for open account trade


CODIX is a Gold Sponsor of the FCI Academy Webinar: “The FCI Two-Factor Scheme: The Secured Framework for Open Account Trade”, to be held online, in Chinese and English, on Sep 28, 2021.

The Two-Factor Model is at the heart of the factoring business started in China three decades ago and the catalyst for the dynamic growth of the Chinese market during this period. Today China has become a globally important factoring market, as well as an important region for the global supply chain system.

The FCI Academy Webinar: “The FCI Two-Factor Scheme: The Secured Framework for Open Account Trade” aims to gather online experts on the China market in order to discuss key issues in the development of the industry in the region:

  • How do we assess the development of the China factoring market over the past three decades? What are the problems? What is the path forward?
  • What is the fundamental significance and role of the Two-Factor Model for the emerging global supply chain finance ecosystem? How can the efficiency and security advantages of the Two-Factor Model be exploited?
  • What are the best practices of the Two-Factor Model globally? What are the differences between the respective practices in the region? What are the drawbacks and pitfalls, and how do they need to be improved?
  • What are the current trends in the factoring and supply chain finance market in the region? How can the Two-Factor Model evolve with the times?

The webinar will be attended by FCI members, stakeholders in factoring, receivables finance and supply chain finance industry, financial institutions that are actively preparing to join the FCI Global Two-Factor Network from the region of China, including: banks, factoring companies and non-bank financial institutions, SCF fintech companies, government regulators, etc.

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