FCI 51st Annual Conference, Ho Chi Minh City

CODIX was a Global sponsor of the FCI 51st Annual Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The increasing dynamics and geopolitical challenges facing the international cross border factoring were among the key topics, addressed at the FCI 51st Annual Conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from 9 to 14 June, 2019. To underline the importance of the Commercial Finance Industry for CODIX and highlight the significant support modern technology can bring to the industry, our company was proud to be Gold Sponsor of this exclusive international event.

Ilia Kirilov, General Manager of CODIX Group, and Laurent Tabouelle, C.O.O. of CODIX Group, took part in the forum. This year’s annual meeting assessed the direction of the industry and the participants discussed and debated the most important developments, such as:

  • the rise of fintechs/blockchain technology and their possible benefits and potential threats to the Receivables Finance industry;
  • the impact of Basel regulatory capital requirements and the use of credit insurance as a risk mitigation tool and their combined effect on capital adequacy;
  • the benefits of establishing a Supply Chain Finance (SCF) platform inside a bank/receivables finance operation;
  • and the launch of FCIreverse, FCI’s proprietary global community reverse factoring network, that will allow members to on-board anchor buyers and their domestic and international suppliers.

Vietnam has been chosen as a venue for this Annual Meeting for the geo-political position, their growing factoring industry and economy and their leadership position in the ASEAN trade agreement.

The international event was attended by both the group of chief executives, as well as the executives in charge of international factoring. This year’s networking workshops covered the following main topics: Changing Landscape in Risk and Liquidity in Receivables Finance, The evolution of Islamic Factoring, Impact of technology – ABCD: AI/Blockchain/Cloud Computing/Big Data, Regional Export Factors – Import Factors speed dating, and much more.

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