Factoring FORUM 2018

Codix at Factoring FORUM 2018

On March 7-8, CODIX took part in the FACTORING FORUM 2018, Düsseldorf. The industrial conference for practitioners and experts has become a meeting place for the factoring industry in Germany.

The aim of the international factoring conference is to serve as an opportunity for network and to address up to date topics in the financial world, showing how the current financial and economic situation affects the factoring environment. However the industry continues to face challenges, the financial technologies have livened up the business with innovative service levels. This year the emphasis of the event was on the market trends and the major developments for the industry. The Factoring Forum brought together leading experts and decision makers, who had the chance to exchange high-level information and experience, to look for solutions and know-how on the market, as well as to discuss the future of the factoring industry.

CODIX is the software company which developed iMX – the event-driven enterprise management system. Its innovative blend of technologies optimizes the rapid implementation of tools customized to meet the requirements of each client, making it the leading software in several industries.

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