The General Manager of CODIX Americas Daniel Bielsa and CODIX Americas Project Director Carlos Velasquez attended the 19th Financial Technology & Innovation Conference which took place in Hollywood, Florida, October 7-9, 2019. CODIX was a Bronze Sponsor of this year’s CLAB conference.

The financial services industry is undergoing a complete transformation, driven by the development of technology and new challenges in the market. How can, for instance, banks best implement new technology and a shift in culture, while dealing with legacy systems? How the Financial Institutions are tackling Fintech transformation initiatives through machine learning, AI and Predictive Analytics? These are just part of the questions that were discussed during the international event, organized by Florida International Bankers Association and The Latin American Banking Federation (FELABAN).

The main topics of the agenda of this year’s CLAB conference were:

  • A View Over the Digital Banking Horizon (Mapping out scenarios for a digital banking world — describing the threats and opportunities emanating from the digitalization of the industry practical implications and issues associated with each scenario and quadrant.)
  • Aligning IT to the Business in Financial Services – Best practices and case studies (How IT can be transformed from a facilitator to a leader in Financial Services Organizations. How can maturity of IT be advanced? What are the best practices for IT leaders in the FS industry?)
  • Measuring Success in Digital Banking KPIs, Value and ROI Case studies (Expanding on the digital banking capability for financial agility, looking into new ways of measuring success in digital banking.)
  • How to face the new challenges in Cybersecurity (Fraud and cybersecurity are at the forefront of IT discussions within the banking industry. What has been found to be successful? What challenges is the industry currently facing?)
  • Digital Onboarding (How 21st century technoloy can develop the efficiency of this process, in topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and AI)
  • Talent Management (How to adopt progressive strategies designed to retain their best talent? How to train and maintain a digital organizational culture.)
  • BIG Data on the way to a Data-Directed Organization (A new business model is based or directed by the data. Data is a fundamental pillar of digital transformation to give customers a better experience. How to take advantage of as much data as possible?)
  • The Challenges of Digital Transformation in Latin America and Fintechs (Taking advantage of the collaborative and alliance model, which gives opportunities to guarantee greater financial inclusion and benefit to customers. Fintechs as an opportunity – how to regulate them to be more efficient and productive?)
  • The Future of Banking Customer Experience (How digital transformation improves customer experience and loyalty. How to use best practices in customer experience? How to preserve customer loyalty in a world of opportunities?)
  • CMO – Marketing, AI and Customer Experience (How to use data (Bigdata) to have a marketing that reaches more people and at a lower cost?)
  • Technology Innovation in Financial Services (Successes and failures in encouraging innovation and creativity in the Banking/Finance sector. What has worked? What has not? What are the best techniques to try?)
  • Payment Innovations.

The FELABAN CLAB Conference 2019 is the Latin America’s largest technology and innovation event featuring networking and learning platforms for the financial industry. This conference is a traditional networking event connecting Latin America and the world.

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