MENA Supply Chain Finance 2022


CODIX will be a Brand sponsor of the upcoming MENA Supply Chain Finance 2022 which will be held on Nov 28-29 in Dubai. In the UAE, factoring and supply chain financing received a significant boost with the introduction of the Factoring Law (Federal Decree Law No. (16) of 2021), which was issued on 29 August 2021 and came into force on 7 December 2021. As a result, interest in receivables financing in the region has grown manifold.

MENA Supply Chain Finance will look at the impact of these recent changes, as well as at the opportunities for the development and growth of factoring and supply chain finance. The conference will examine the perspective for supporting the growing demand for financing among SMEs and larger companies. The rich program of the conference focuses on the following main topics:

  • Opportunities and challenges in the supply chain finance and factoring UAE market
  • Establishing partnerships through cross-border SCF and factoring programmes
  • A closer look into opportunities within domestic markets
  • Digitisation in practice: Technology’s role in supply chain management and trade finance
  • Fintech innovation and its advancements in technology
  • Regional spotlight – pioneering Egyptian factoring
  • India’s huge investment in the region
  • Compliance, risk management and regulation to accelerate receivables and payables finance
  • ESG strategy and implementation
  • Empowering SMEs in the GCC

MENA Supply Chain Finance 2022 will be attended by representatives of CODIX top management. They will be there to present company’s front-to-back software solution iMX and explain how the right technology can reduce costs and improve all commercial finance operations.

The MENA Supply Chain Finance gathering is designed not only for banks and financial institutions, but also for fintech companies, technology providers, credit insurers and anyone involved in the receivables financing industry.

The event is organized by BCR in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC UAE) and Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

Contact Information

+33(4)89 87 77 77
Immeuble Le Carat, 200 Rue du Vallon, Sophia-Antipolis,