6TH Annual Supply Chain Finance Summit


Digital transformation is entering a new phase where increased connectivity will enable more refined, streamlined structures and provide prospects for more product offerings concerning the Supply Chain Finance. The move towards digital adoption is opening up new opportunities in receivables finance – long known as a data-rich sector – while eco systems are becoming increasingly complex. This is just one of the in-demand subjects to be discussed during the 6th Supply Chain Finance Summit on 26-27 January 2021, which this year will go virtual. The event, organized by BCR Publishing, will also look at how digital adoption and data analytics can be used to increase efficiency and add value in SCF arrangements, as well as what will “the new reality” mean for SME suppliers.

The Supply Chain Finance Summit tracks the transformation of the industry and the latest innovations for both domestic and cross-border financing, examining the future of technology-enabled supply chain models, and driving the conversation on increasing access of SCF for SMEs and emerging markets.

This year’s agenda of the event includes presentations and discussions on the following topics:

  • SCF in the changing global environment: What is the SCF response to Covid-19, redirecting trade flows, and de-globalization?
  • Driving for digital adoption. Digital transformation – what are the latest influences on SCF?
  • Refining the customer journey – a hybrid strategy to maximize ease and value.
  • Working in the New Reality: what will this mean for SME suppliers?

The participants in the event will also examine how alternative forms of finance can be added to the product mix and how big data and data analytics can support that. The event will take a corporate eye view on supporting the supply chain, not only during the current difficult times but also longer term.

The SCF Summit is attracting global industry practitioners, representing experts from all sides of the table, including: global banks & supply chain finance platforms, auditors, ratings agencies, legal & insurance experts, technology providers & fintech’s, corporate treasurers, financial directors & heads of procurement.

CODIX is a Brand Sponsor of the international event.

*BCR Publishing is the world’s leading provider of receivables finance market intelligence for receivables finance, factoring, alternative finance, supply chain finance, working capital management and trade receivables securitization.

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