The income of the top 100 software companies in Bulgaria nearly tripled over 7 years


In 2018, the income of the top 100 software companies in Bulgaria increased by 25% per annum, reaching BGN 2,19 billion, and it has nearly tripled when compared with 2011 according to data from consultancy company CBN Pannoff, Stoytcheff & Co.

The company analyzed 98 479 organizations operating in the ICT sector in Bulgaria over the period 2011 – 2018, and created a ranking of the top 100 companies according to five main criteria – income, profit, staff, remuneration and productivity.

A total of 8 companies grew by more than 100% over a year, and in 14 of the top 100 companies income was down when compared with the previous year (2017).

In 2018, the top 100 ranking by income was led by Amdocs Bulgaria, followed by Atos Bulgaria Competence Center, Bulpros Consulting, Chaos Software and CODIX Bulgaria.

Source: Enterprise Magazine

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