Our strategy to deliver the best debt collection and commercial finance software on the market

Codix Commercial finance and collection software startegy

Continuous investment in our imx solution

iMX’s functional coverage is constantly increased by our Experts in order to anticipate, as far as possible, the market needs and features which our Clients will need tomorrow.

Launching a product at the very moment when our Client thinks about it, is the competitive advantage of our Clients, and is made possible through the highly adaptive parameterization capabilities of iMX, as well as the unique ad-hoc (per Client) release strategy offered by Codix.

Delivery of complete and integrated systems

All advanced business features come with the standard version of iMX. Full technical integration with other systems and all implementation services are included.

  • System integration is the process of collecting all of the component sub-systems into one system - set of cooperating subsystems that leads to system which is able to deliver overarching functionality’s and ensures that the sub-systems function together as a system. In information technology system integration is the process of linking together different software applications and computing systems physically or functionally System integration involves integrating existing systems and adding value to the system, capabilities, that are possible because of interactions between subsystems. The system integrator integrates discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as enterprise application integration, business process management, computer networking or manual programming.

Geographical expansion

In cooperation with our current Clients or new Clients, we support any needed standard interfaces and local regulations. Currently: users in more than 40 countries and iMX delivered in 18 languages.

Projects under Tight Control and Controlled Budget

A team of experts seasoned in business and IT. A well proven set-up methodology to guarantee the success of each project. ISO 9001:2008 certification.

No Surprises

Level of customization of the system adapted to the Client’s needs, from pure Plug-and-Play to much more customized systems. The cost of implementation and customization of each iMX deployment is always fixed!

Our Implementation Methodology

Pre-contract framework study
Groups definition Details of each group (rules, texts)
Data exchange and specific forms & reports
iMX Expert System language
Technical Integration
On-site integration
Client validation
Start of production
Regular service validation period

100% success over 20+ years

High commitment to all projects, which leads to 100% of our projects going live with iMX. We are happy to provide the contact details of all project managers on our clients’ side!

Contact Information

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