Asset-Based Lending

iMX is a premium software system for Asset-Based Lending management. Thanks to its smart financing engine represented here below, iMX actually supports any type of collateral as an underlying value of the funding provided to suppliers.

  • Funding by category of asset in distinct Client Accounts, or assets from multiple categories grouped in the same Client Account, especially Inventory and Receivables, covering all ABL facilities typically proposed on the market.
  • For receivables in the ABL facility, borrowing base certificates can be entered as such or computed by the system based on the sales ledger submitted by the Client.
  • Plant, Machinery and Equipment and Real Estate financing are, of course, also part of the portfolio of the ABL products iMX supports, either independently or as part of multi-asset ABL contracts.
  • Possibility to share or participate in the financing weight and risk with funding partners in case of syndicated deals.
  • The whole power of the iMX rich features set is available for ABL.

ABL in iMX

There is just no limitation to the nature of the asset which can be captured in iMX and used as collateral for financing activities. iMX has the necessary business processes in place to track and follow the evolution of the nature and value of the asset and trigger alerts when that value reaches a high risk level when compared to the funding already given out based on this asset.

iMX also offers the capability to cap the funding secured by one category of collateral in the contract based on the fundable value of another category of assets (in percentage or in amount), giving creditors perfect control over the actual evolution of the facility.

It is worth highlighting here the importance of the iMX Analysis and Decision module for the operational and statistical reporting on ABL activities, from pre-sales to aftercare.

For a deeper dive into iMX Commercial Finance capabilities, please download our iMX Commercial Finance brochure.

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